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Build Appy is a platform to build Mobile Applications using HTML5, CSS and Java Script. Such mobile apps are like any other apps you’ll find on your phone. They install on your device and also can also put them in stores.


If you are new to mobile app development, you are late, learning from scratch will take enormous time and resources. Also every platform have its own environment, to learn all at very short time is almost impossible. However you can use our platform to create your mobile app using HTML5, where HTML5 apps are easier to develop, easier to support, and can reach the widest range of devices. Also you do not need to learn Java, Objective C or other languages, our platform makes it easy. Write your mobile app with HTML5 and build app for following platforms using that single HTML5 code:

  • Android - .apk (Android Application Package)
  • iOS - .ipa (iPhone Application Archive)
  • Windows Phone .xap (Silverlight Application Package)
  • BlackBerry .bar (BlackBerry Application)


Once you build above files with HTML5 using our platform, you can distribute it to anyone. You can also put them in Google Play Store, Apple Store or any other store. In such way you can design games, you can design catalog, you can design mobile app of anything you want. What our platform do is that it convert HTML5 to the android, ios, window phone and blackberry app.